Browse Experience Debenhams

DESKTOP – New desktop experience


Lead the creative sprint tasks working alongside the Project Owner, provide UX input.

Create the new Desktop experience aligning with different devices to keep brand consistency.


Sticky LHN – We are trying to validate what we expect to be an improvement in usability. Making browsing our PSP far easier and having the filter panel at your immediate disposal.

Position after filtering –  We want to make sure that the user has access to the product after applying a filter. Very important considering the amount of content we have mainly on ePSP.

Brand Facet – We want to validate the facet interaction changes. Removed the number of brands to view

Simplified TCAT and SCAT – We are now removing “Tick boxes” from facets. The decision will help the user understand that it’s not filtering a result but navigating to a different page. Reduce the number of facets.

Applied filter area – We are removing the facet name above the filter tag. “Clear all” is now in a different position

“Clear” inside the facet – We are changing the position of “Clear” inside the facet and we want to validate if this is the right position.

“Price” CSS changes – We are implementing some UI changes expecting that the price facet will improve visually and engage the user to interact

Pagination – Redesign the pagination on PSP

Loading stages – Validate if the loading stage works for the user

Our Approach

After we closed a Browse experience for tablet we have almost all of the information and validation we needed to understand the power of an LHN in a PSP and how the user feels about having constant visual access to the filter area

The sprint we created to approach this ticket was assigned for 14 story points (7 days of work)


Workshop with different Stakeholders (Product owner | Navigation team | Project Manager | Visual Designers | UX Designers)


Sketches representing the UX/UI of how the LHN is presented and how the interactions work

Digital Designs

Lab testing

We decided then to do some lab testing with different personas so we could validate some of our choices and understand the possible impact they can have in the experience


The results were very satisfactory, we validate most of our decisions but yet we left a door open for future improvements.

On the 26th of February, the website is live and we will expect that these changes will impact positively the Debenhams experience.

After an End-to-End journey test, we had a 1005 satisfaction from our users and we expect to continue evolving to provide them the best experience.

Thank you